Quality is our way of life. We are never satisfied with how things
are. We strive to continuously improve in all of our undertakings,
always consistent with our total quality philosophy.


Our Customers are our lifeblood. We exist because of our clients.
They should rightfully be the highest priority of our attention.


We work as a team, fostering cooperation rather than competition.
By working together in harmony toward a common goal, we
accomplish more than working alone.


While we promote camaraderie to usher in a climate of openness,
we never sacrifice our Professionalism, Integrity and Competence
– key attributes that sum up our work philosophy.


We strive to build and nurture a lasting partnership with our Clients.


We value results more than the meaning of attaining them. We
always begin any undertaking with the end in mind. We take a step
forward, conscious of our moves, never straying from our path
towards our goal. We take proactive rather than reactive instances.
We make things happen.

GTP and Variable Soft are partner companies and most rapidly growing and innovative IT services
& consulting company, in India. A recent acquisition of ASTECH made GTP footprints more wider
in global. Today, GTP has diversified portfolio serving around the global customers with highly
experienced technical and functional team.

GTP has more than 80 world-wide satisfied customers with diversified technology & man power
solutions. Having it’s offshore development center in Jaipur, India, company has its expansion
plan to establish global delivery centers (GDC) in Malaysia, Africa, Middle East and USA gradually
by 2019.

With an in house team of approx. 78 associates in most demanding technology spheres enables
GTP to fulfill the customer aspiration with utter commitments. We have associate partner
companies, responsible for supplying resources as and when needed and with an agreement we
always keep a bench strength of 10 associates to adequately ramp up in shorter span of time.

We, at GTP, believe in customer first approach and always keep the high standards in delivering
things with robust and secured methods.

Our vision is to create a healthy business relationship with our clients and bring excellence in what we stand for. While working constantly on our existing product base we always aim higher to incorporate something new and something different to the market and make a positive contribution to the society.
To transform the growth of small and large IT and consulting companies by delivering only the quality work through fire, passion, desire, fun, and integrity.
Our core values or practical values are utmost important to our work culture and truly makes us special and inspires us to do better with every passingday. We embrace the following core values as a guiding philosophy and way of life. Quality- Integrity



In this very first process, we get to know the client and the client’s requirement. We even hit the books/internet to learn about your industry and your competition. We do this to provide the best solution possible to the clients. After gathering all the relevant and necessary information about the branding, we create a detailed scope of the work in the form of a document technically known as Project Proposal.


Before getting into work, we draft a detailed proposal for the project and make sure that it must include the conceptual or schematic design of the project, information about project scheduling, project structure etc . Our detailed projects mainly describe the following points: • We describe the objective, scope, and benefits of the project on wider terms; we explain how we’re going to deliver and how the client will benefit. • We focus on specific, measurable, and achievable solutions for the project. • We list the deadlines and strictly adhere to them. Cost & budget plan is yet another important aspect of a project proposal. We present a well-defined budget plan to depict a clear picture of all the expenditures involved in carrying out the project.


We create our first draft design concepts. Usually three, sometimes more; sometimes less. On the basis of design guidelines approved by the client, current market trends and ideas from our skilled designers we create the high-end designs concepts.

User Experience

We ask our clients to choose one concept out of all and focus on that. Then we work on revising the concept so that it meets the goals outlined and makes you happy. Sometimes, there is one revision round, sometimes two, rarely more.

Development / Execution

After getting a Thumbs- up from the client for designs, we allocate our best resources to code and build and ensure you get the best solution possible and in mostly we go beyond and exceeding the client expectations.

Built On Agile

To overcome the limitations of traditional project management approach, we use agile method to follow disciplined project management strategies in all the projects. This agile approach focuses on client involvement and planning and enables quick feedback from them.


After development phase, we perform compliance testing to determine whether the development and maintenance process is in line with the already documented methodology or not and whether the outcome of each phase of the development meets the quality standards, procedures, and necessary guidelines . And so we have deployed compliance experts in our organization to to ensure that the compliances are met.


Once the end product is approved by the client, we move your website from the development server to live Server. We make sure to complete all the final steps before we are ready to launch. We provide post-production support to ensure that you are driving traffic to your website and generating leads using the website.

Global Experience Evident in Each Assignment

With each passing day and more projects under our belt every day, efficient implementation of each assignment is at its peak. The practiced ease with which team members work together shows clearly in the results.
With a creative & expert team, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India – a global market place for cost effective creative services and a customer driven approach to services, GPT's position as a successful service provider is strengthening far and wide within India and Asia, Africa & UAE region. Having achieved a successful quality and service driven model, the management at GTP is further reinforcing the team strength as a responsible organization with a clear vision towards creating a global brand.



Our completely customizable ecommerce solutions packed with endless features and functionalities helps you to achieve your high-level business goals & outcomes through a well-structured plan and strategy. We have already delivered more than 20 ecommerce sites consistently over the short span of time of our existence ranging from single-product sale pages to the most complex web-based ecommerce applications.


A great designed website is a true reflection of your brand and certainly the most important factor to make your online business successful. With careful consideration of latest design trends, color schemes, typography, and modern design principles, our team of designers will work with you creating an amalgamation of extraordinary designs & graphics that makes you stand out from the rest and that you’ll be proud to represent your brand.


From just an idea to the rapid adoption, we provide all the web-application development services starting from scratch to the maintenance mode. We focus on providing application development services with latest technologies ranging from simpler projects to custom software solutions, enterprise & contemporary applications.


Our completely customizable ecommerce solutions packed with endless features and functionalities helps you to achieve your high-level business goals & outcomes through a well-structured plan and strategy. We have already delivered more than 20 ecommerce sites consistently over the short span of time of our existence ranging from single-product sale pages to the most complex web-based ecommerce applications.


There is more to us than just counting the number of apps we have delivered successfully. No matter how complicated your needs are, we have a team that covers the entire mobile app lifecycle development in a way to make sure that the end product is as great as planned.


Global tech partner is a one-stop solution for all your Digital marketing needs. We love to plan and build creative and effective marketing strategies suitable to your brand to accelerate your businesses on a larger scale. Our expert team is available round the clock in providing a number of different online services to your customers to elevate the sales and brand image.


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